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The next evolution in filmmaking, brought to the masses through blockchain technology


The WYL project seeks to disrupt the film industry to usher in a new era of cinematography.



No longer do a select few dictate what the masses watch. Through the WYL platform, anyone can participate in the filmmaking process, opening doors and opportunities for more content creation, artist roles, and profit sharing.


Through the use of the WYL blockchain based crowdfunding methods, current industry investors can gather greater feedback and reduce financial risk by sharing opportunities with WYL platform investors.


The WYL project will create a new filmmaking ecosystem that uses the latest technologies to gather accurate data and bring opportunities to all in the process.

At the heart of the WYL platform is a blockchain based smart contract crowdfunding platform.

The WYL platform seeks to open up the film industry, and through the integration of blockchain and smart contract technologies, the current film industry can now gather more investors and enthusiasts to help fund and produce more entertainment content globally.

Phase 1

Authors, writers, screen writers, anyone can upload a script onto the WYL platform

Phase 2

WYL Investors can invest in a script they would like to support using the WYL Crowdfunding Smart Contract (CFSC)

Phase 3

Once the target funding amount has been reached the CFSC will release funds to begin production

Phase 4

When the film/TV series generates revenue, the investors will receive revenue share based on their initial investment amoun

Pre-Market Research and Feedback

Another major advantage to crowdfunding is the ability to gather analytics on scripts before production. Thereby gathering initial critical feedback on the project and understanding of interest and success rate.

NFT based Contracts

In the event a script was successfully funded, all WYL investors into the script will receive an NFT for the license for film project. For example, if a WYL investor invested 10% of the total amount raised for the production of the movie, the WYL investor will receive an NFT stating that they own 10% of the total project.

NFT Content and Goods

The WYL platform will also feature an NFT creation and marketplace

Behind the scenes, bloopers, special shout outs, images, clips and even goods and memorabilia, will be made into NFTs and available on the marketplace for trade


The WYLive application is a live streaming platform built to not only provide content streaming services, but for the discovery of new talent. “THE NEXT STAR”

Through the WYLive app, global auditions will be held for available roles in movies and TV series that were funded through the WYL platform.

Voting Character

Vote for who you think should play the character

Artist Support

Support your favorite actor or actress by donating WYL directly to them

Wallet Technology

The WYLive app will integrate cryptocurrency support

WYL Token Usage

The WYL coin is an essential part of the platform and application. The utility of the coin can be found throughout the platform allowing for high quality content, and an overall ecosystem that promotes growth.

  • Every time a script is submitted, the uploader must stake a certain amount of WYL coins depending on the category and features of the script
  • To be a WYL investor, users must stake a certain amount of WYL coins to be eligible for investment
  • Investments into scripts will be made with the WYL coin
  • Staking a certain amount of WYL coins grants the user exclusive access to specialty NFT items not available to the public.
  • Users can also simply pay using their WYL coins to read scripts


There is no other industry that can impact the masses on a global scale like the film industry. Here trends are set, designs are released, and cultures are shown to the world. However, the system that finds, funds, and creates the next release is still old school, vague, and behind closed doors.

I have been producing and distributing various works in Hollywood, and I feel that blockchain can be that disruptive factor that brings the filmmaking process to the next level, a level that seeks inclusion with the masses.  

We have created the WYL project to build the platform that utilizes blockchain technologies to truly digitalize and decentralize the filmmaking process, so that the public can get involved and have a say in what they want filmed.

We are excited to see where the WYL project will lead, and we invite everyone to be part of the project so we can build the next blockbuster together!

Richard K. Howell


Token Information

Symbol: WYL  /  Platform : ERC-20  / Total Supply : 12,000,000 WYL

Token Allocation

Ecosystem (Services)

Token Sale

Team Allocation

Marketing and Community Development


Funding Allocation

Film Investment

Business Development





2021 Q1

- Distributed WYL White Paper V1.0
- Launched homepage
- Started development of WYLive app
- Opened WYL Community

2021 Q2

- Partnerships with exchanges for listings
- Partners with film promotion companies, agencies, MCN, etc.
- Launch WYLive App Beta Ver. (live streaming-oriented platform)
- Issue NFT tokens for the WYL ecosystem

2021 Q3

- Expanded additional exchange listings and community
- Launch WYLive App Official Ver.
- (introduced governance system, NFT commercialization, audition system, etc.)

2021 Q4

- Introduced WYL advertising system
- Launched and developed open incentive service


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